FIM's Continental Union
for Motorcycling in Africa



Rider Entry Procedure:

FMN obtains the following documentation from

FMN obtains licence for rider via

FMN submits entry and medical documentation of rider to the Event Secretary at email addresses provided in the Supplementary Regulations.

General Information

Organiser Event Requirements and Procedure:

Click here to download the FIM AFRICA Event Requirements for the Organiser - (Powerpoint Presentation)

  • Organisers to submit supplementary Regulations to the FIM AFRICA Secretary General for approval.
  • Minimum 6 weeks before the challenge and event date - 12 weeks for championship Team event.
  • Event Secretary to submit all the event and supporting documentation to the Secretary General before permit may be issued.
  • Secretary General sends to the Chairman FIM AFRICA working group for approval who submits to Vice President Sporting for Final approval.
  • Vice President approves Supplementary Regulations and submits to the Secretary General for Issue of the Permit Number
  • Secretary General Issues the Permit Number.
  • Secretary General sends the the Supplementary Regulations with Permit Number to the Organisers.
  • Supplementary Regulations to be posted on the FIM AFRICA website.
  • Entries and medical forms for the event, received by the Organisers  must be submitted to the Secretary General within 72 hours of event.
  • Documentation to be submitted to the Secretary General at:  [email protected]

Clerk of Course Submits:

Jury President Submits:

Event Secretary Submits - (Copied to Vice President, Finance)

  • Event Results

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