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Posted on March 19, 2014 at 2:50 PM



A fairly full month leading up to Christmas, and since then very active.

Weekly Breakfast meetings are held every Sunday am,at Manda Hill Spur, where we get free coffee, and a ride out for those who want, all combined with the Classic Bikers, Classic Car boys .

December brought about the collection of cash and goods for our 8th annual Charity / Toy run, very successful, large amounts of foodstuffs, cleaning materials, school kit, clothing etc was collected    4 bakkie loads, as well as a considerable amount of cash, several thousand dollars.

This as distributed to our 3 chosen charities, a Hospice, a Farm Clinic, and a destitute Kids Foundation.. This distribution followed a fund raising breakfast, sponsored by Southern Sun, their 8th year of support, fot which we are grateful, the ride out was complete with a full father Xmas,[some old dodderer in our group on his Ducati] and a convoy of bikes and cars. all was thankfully received, followed by a lunch and a few beers at O`Hagans for the boys and Girls, also sponsored by them.

In January we held a Braai lunch at a members house, after a nice ride out, and a good social day was had, complete with an inspection of his workshop, and bitza,  

There were several outside visitors present, potential new members.


February also brought about a Members Lunch at his home venue, also successful, and a nice long fast  ride to  the Leopards Hill on the new Tarmac highway,.


A combined tour to Siavonga [Kariba] was organised, for Valentines weekend,  2 or 3 days at a fine  resort, which was a fantastic success, and a mixed bag of cars and bikes were present, it started off well with a member in a morris minor,  they are renowned for poor brakes, nearly running my shed down, when his brakes failed, totally. in my drive way.  We did an overhaul in my back yard, and then 5 km down the road a road block pulled two cars of the convoy, off the road, one for having an illegal number plate???  old type, and another with only one stop light, heavy fines followed,  Police /civilian harmony took a bashing, repairs were conducted, and off again,       no more problems, and a great weekend, over Valentines night at Lake Kariba Inns was had.

One member had a room with a leaking roof, over the bed, and it was fun watching his wife trying to explain to the Manager just how the bed got wet on her husbands side, among ribald remarks from the lads.

 They really did us proud. at a reduced rate.


March brings next weekend a long ride, +100 km, cars and bikes and then a lunch at the farm of Len and Debbie Ware, long standing members, This will be a great day as Len has bikes, and many cars, as well as a super workshop. He also has a small game park, with antelope etc, which can be viewed from his verandah.


On the not so good side, there is a group of 6 or so hooligan type   riders from another group, all on latest bikes, who are causing a nuscience, noise, dangerous riding, pulling public wheelies, frightening old ladies, annoying motorists, and generally annoying the public.

This is causing concern as the Public brand us all together, and we are all very environmentally conscious, noise in particular. We have spoken to them, but e to no avail. Fortunatly the press got hold of it and published pictures, etc, and named them,  and since then it has quietened down, There were 8 of them at first, all on bikes with dubious origins, but three are no longer with us having scribbled them selves in various accidents, which does not help the bikers cause.


Several touring groups have been contacted on their way through Zambia, but really only when in need, I wish we had more comms with the tour boy from SA, for some advance info.


I will soon get down to the tour map, places to stay or avoid, and general info  on Zambia, to you, for the web.

The planned tour by our chaps through Namibia and Botswana. is unfortunately off for now, for various reasons, mostly survival at present, but is still on the cards. The organiser was badly bust up in an air crash on his farm.


Planned trips include a run to the Luangwa Valley, Bridge Camp Bush Camp, and Livingstone, in the cooler weather, as well as a visit to our Biking Brothers in the Copperbelt.

 They are very active, up there, but to get any info is proving difficult, The Copperbelt has always been on a different planet to us mere mortals, as we do not have fancy  copper bonuses and fat cheques every month.

A trip to Kabwe, combined with car boys to visit a collection there, and a run to a Game Camp on the West Road, on the Kafue, 250 km away, on a good road, are planned.



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