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Sevlievo to host the Monster Energy FIM Junior Motocross World Championship

Posted on August 29, 2012 at 8:05 AM



The awarded track of Gorna Rositza will host the Monster Energy FIM Junior Motocross World Championship during the 26th August weekend, where the youngest motocross talents from all over the world will gather together to measure their skills and be proclaimed the 2012 Monster Energy FIM Junior World Champion. All the continents will be represented in the event with up to 165 riders entered coming from 34 different countries.


The age limit of all the participants is from 10 to 17 years old and they are divided in three different classes: 65cc, 85cc and 125cc, and each class has its own age restrictions; the 65cc riders are from 10 to 12 years old, the ones in the 85cc class are from 11 to 14 and the oldest ones, who will race in the 125cc class, are from 13 to 17 years old. Like last year, SCOTT Sports keeps on supporting the young generations and they will give some special awards to the participants in the 2012 Monster Energy FIM Junior Motocross World Championship.


The 2012 Monster Energy FIM Junior Motocross World Championship will officially start on Friday evening in the centre of Sevlievo with the official presentation of all the riders divided per countries and the official speeches of the main authorities of the event, but the completion will start on Saturday at the technical and demanding track of Sevlievo, which has been hosting the FIM Motocross World Championship since 2006. It will not be until Sunday that the Gorna Rositza track will host the final heats, which will decide the three 2012 FIM Junior World Champions, as well as the best performing country taking into account the overall result of each rider.



In the 65cc class there will several riders to look at; on one hand there will be Xylian Ramella from Switzerland, who obtained the UEM EMX65cc Title last weekend in Matterley Basin, as well as Rene Hofer from Austria, who was on the third step of the podium in the 65cc European final. On the other hand, home riders Dimitar Petrov and Momchil Ivanov will count with the full support from the local crowd and they will give their best to be on the top of the rostrum on Sunday.



In the 85cc class there are loads of possible candidates to fight for the Title on Sunday. The Dutch rider Davy Pootjes is one of the favourites, especially after having been proclaimed the UEM EMX85cc Champion last weekend at Matterley Basin. However, Conrad Mewse, who was third in the 85cc final, is also a rider to look at. The British rider dominated the qualifying heat with superb authority at Matterley Basin, as well as the second heat of the main event, but Mewse had a mechanical problem in the first race, which made him lose the European title. German Brian Hsu also showed an incredible potential last weekend, and all of them will have to measure their talent with the American riders like Jake Pinhancos, who was the 2010 65cc FIM Junior World Champion. Besides, there will be up to five Bulgarian riders in the 85cc class fighting for a podium finish.


Spanish rider Jorge Prado, 2011 65cc FIM Junior World Champion and one of the favourites to be on the podium this weekend, will miss the competition in Sevlievo, as he needs some time off the bike after the big crash he suffered in Matterley Basin last weekend.



Tim Gajser is one of the clear favourites to fight for the 125cc FIM Junior World Title this weekend; after having obtained the European 125cc Title showing a lot of superiority over all the other European riders, this weekend Gajser will have to measure his talent with the American riders, who are always the big surprise of the event. Besides, the British rider James Dunn was able to win Gajser in a couple of occasions this year – the last one being last weekend at Matterley Basin, so he might be also one rider to take into account for a podium finish this weekend.


Former 85cc FIM Junior World Champions Pauls Jonass (2011) and Henry Jacobi (2010) will race this weekend in the 125cc class and they will not leave things easy to the above mentioned riders and they will be both fighting for a podium finish.




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