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Posted on November 13, 2019 at 4:10 AM

FIM Africa held its General Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya on 2 November. Altogether nine countries attended the event that summed up the 2019 season and established together plans for the 2020 season.

The 2019 season has been intense for FIM Africa especially in motocross and Cross Country Rallies. However, also Road Racing has grown. One target for the CONU in the future is to find ways to convert “road bike” users into “road racers”. Another objective is to attract youngsters to the sport and open up a new and exciting world to them. It will be the occasion to promote motorcycling as an alternate and safe transportation mode and to educate them about road safety.

FIM Africa, like the other CONUs has challenges, not only in sport but also socially and economically. The CONU needs to continually evolve and find new and exciting ways to grow motorcycle sport and change the mind-set of people regarding motorcycles. It will focus on growing the different motorcycle categories, and not focus on only two categories, to ensure sustainability and longevity of the sport.

During the 2019 season, FIM Africa put efforts in highlighting the work of the volunteers by recognizing and rewarding them. Federations were requested to put their volunteers in the spotlight and recognize them properly as they are the backbone of the sport. The CONU also invested in social media with for example the Motocross of African Nations shown live on FIM Africa Facebook page.

The MXGP Academy training camp for grassroots held in Zimbabwe with the support of Youthstream, FIM, FIM Africa and Zimbabwean Federation was very successful. FIM Africa organised a motocross training camp for children and women in Zambia thanks to the contribution of the “FIM Fund for the Promotion of Motorcyclists Activities”. The plan for 2020 is to have two more MXGP Academy training camps and one more motocross training camp will be organized with FIM subsidies this month in Botswana.

To sustain its growth, the CONU is encouraging new countries to affiliate to the FIM, however this is not an easy task due to the cost implications for those new countries. FIM Africa currently counts 14 members and this figure has remained stagnant for several years.

In the future FIM Africa wants to develop its training opportunities for riders, trainers and officials with the help of FIM and ensure that level of trainers will enable the sport to grow. The CONU wants to invest in the touring and leisure activities to showcase the value of motorcycles as a great transportation mode.

FIM Africa President Marco Comana:

The General Assembly in Nairobi went very well. The warm hospitality of the Kenyan Motorsports Foundation was very much appreciated. 2019 was full of activities showing the passion towards motorsport that exists in Africa. We want to have more active member federations in the future and to develop our sport and not only the off road disciplines.

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