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Posted on December 6, 2018 at 7:35 AM

Can you feel it? The Lepokole Hills are calling! In just a few months the air will be filled with the sounds of roaring bikes, jiving music, the beat of the African drum and so much more.

Muddy Face Botswana, an events company focused on providing a "unique to Botswana” experience, with riding off road motorcycles will host the second edition of the Lepokole Hills Enduro from the 1st to 3rd March 2019.

The Lepokole Hills are 30km North East from Bobonong and are home to Botswana’s hidden archaeological treasure left by the last of the San people in an attempt to preserve their age-old way of life from the fast encroaching modernisation of the area. Their life is chronicled in the rock paintings found in the caves and rocky overhangs of the Hills as well as the ancient Stone Age tools, pottery, stone wall and mud granaries all left as evidence of life here by the first people of the soil.

With its beautiful surroundings, historical story and domed kopjies, Muddy Face felt this was the perfect site to hold the Lepokole Hills Enduro event. An event geared for riders of all ages and all levels of riding skill. The event is also not short of things to do for those people who do not ride a motorcycle.

“Lepokole Hills Enduro is not only for riders; we have focused this event on bringing adventure and fun for the entire family. Riders from 4 years old up to whatever age you can still ride at, are welcome to participate. We even have a special GREEN loop for the adventurist and explorer type rider,” explained Ross Branch, co-owner of Muddy Face Botswana.

We know that there are many riders out there, that are a little nervous about enduro style riding, so we’ve gone the extra mile and booked 3 top South African riders to train the riders on a couple of “tricks of the trade” in both the two-wheel and quad disciplines! In addition to that if you’ve got kids that are keen to jump on a bike and get going - this is the perfect place, as one of our trainers will be dedicated to teaching the kids. You really don’t want to miss out on this AWESOME opportunity! Not a rider? Not to worry we have so many activities to make this a weekend to remember.

Looking to kick back and relax while the riders do their thing, or perhaps you need that pampering after a weekend jam packed with riding? We have created an amazing bush spa for you, found in a secluded section of the Lepokole Hills. You will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet, switch off and unwind. There is nothing quite like being pampered so close to nature.

Get a glimpse into what makes this part of Botswana truly unique. The Lepokole Hills Nature Reserve offers a breath-taking experience for the explorer in you. Go on one of the scenic walks up the domed, rocky slopes of the Lepokole Hills or else send the kids with a guided “Kids Explorers” walk. You will step on the same path that the people who painted the ancient rock art walked, and witness the cultural significance of the ruins that date back hundreds of thousands of years.

Had enough yet? NO WAY! This is a pretty spiritual place, so let your heart beat to the rhythm of the African drum at our interactive drumming session with the Drums of Peace. You will be taught how to beat the drum and eventually master a beat distinctive to the Lepokole Hills Enduro. This is such a memorable experience it will stay with you long after you have gone home, and one you’ll definitely tell your friends about.

No event is quite complete without some music and dancing. To close off the weekend there will be a live show put on by Mandi Mashingaidze followed by a jive that will be the perfect end to an epic event.

So what are you waiting for? Book your spot today and get ready for a weekend you will never forget. You can visit for more information or to book your spot.

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