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Posted on July 18, 2018 at 3:25 AM

After her accident at the Motul Power Athlete photoshoot, the Naledi, Dragon Energy rider is back from a severe shoulder and back injury. She competed at this weekend’s National Motocross event at Terra Topia, where she raced her 450 KTM machine to a top 10 in the popular MX3 class against the over 30 men.

Her starts were excellent, smashing first corners in top 5 out of 23 riders. She is the only women in this class and the only women in this sport racing on the bigger 450cc bike.

In the first race we saw some good speed from a recovering Nanda as her AC joint in her shoulder is still healing and the rough track conditions proved tough for all riders. Nanda finished in 9th in heat one after fatiguing at the end of the heat race.

Heat race 2 the track conditions were the roughest of the whole day as the MX3 class was the last race of the day with the sun very low. The rough conditions got the better of Nanda as she faded after yet another great start in top 6. She settled in 13th and achieved an 11th overall just out of the top 10.

“My arms were crying the whole race through and I just didn’t have the strength and fitness to keep the big 450 where I wanted to finish” said a tired Nanda as she came off the track.

With the next national going down in Cape Town in 4 weeks, we look forward to seeing Nanda up her game and fitness to hang it out with the top MX3 men.

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