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European EMX 65 and 85 and Women's at Nestved (Denmark)

Posted on April 3, 2017 at 4:40 AM

In Nestved (Denmark) the European Cham- pionship NW zone kicked off for EMX65, EMX85 and EMX Women classes.

EMX 85 class

In Group A the Australian rider Jeff La- wrence won the qualifying race at his first presence in this class. Second place for the home rider Magnus Smith ahead of Scott Smulders from Holland.

In Group B home rider Rasmus Pedersen won the qualifying race in front of Casper Olsen from Norway and Kay De Wolf from Holland.

EMX 65 class

Ivano Van Erp from the Netherlands and Mats Fredsoe from Denmark had a big fight in the qualifying race and crossed the chequered flag in this order, in front of Belgian Lucas Coenen.


Home Rider Sara Anderson won the qualifying race in front of Shana Van der Vlist from Holland and Sandra Karlsson from Sweden.

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