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The FIM CEO at the FIM Europe Advanced Course in Motorcycling Management

Posted on January 28, 2017 at 1:15 AM

Steve Aeschlimann, recently appointed as FIM Chief Executive Officer, was a “special” lecturer, today, at the FIM Europe Advanced Course in Motorcycling Management, which is being held at the University “Foro Italico” of Rome, in Italy.

“We are supporting all the initiatives for the education of managers involved in motorcycling, which is paramount for the FIM and we hail this initiative from FIM Europe for managers and riders, which represents an example of how a master at this level can be. In fact, it includes various aspects of management, which are important for somebody who wishes to work in this field”, Mr Aeschlimann stated.

“We are proud to contribute and to explain the mission of FIM to this very selected group of ‘students’. It is interesting to hear the feedback and the perception about the FIM from people who wish to start a career in the world of motorcycling.

“We all benefit from this initiative: FIM, FIM Europe and the students. I am happy to be here and to share this experience”.


Mr Aeschlimann with Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General

During the lesson, Steve Aeschlimann asked the Master attendees what they knew of FIM and what they would have liked to know. So, various, interesting topics were dealt with, from the principles of FIM Governance to the relationship with promoters, from the riders’ representation to careers and jobs in FIM, from the relationship of FIM with the National Federations to the initiatives for Women in motorcycling and Road Safety.


The lessons on Governance will continue tomorrow with the intervention of Alberto Rinaldelli, FMI Secretary General, and of Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General.

“I want to thank Steve Aeschlimann for his presence here today”, stated Alessandro Sambuco. “In particular, I appreciate his effort in being here few days after being appointed FIM CEO, since I guess it must be a very busy period for him, but he wanted to fulfill the FIM engagement in our Advanced Course in Motorcycling Management and in his lecture was able to arouse the students’ curiosity”.


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