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Anchor Ridge Equestrian Centre Enduro

Posted on April 7, 2016 at 3:55 AM

Zambian Motor Sport Association

Lusaka Motor Cycle Club


The unusual combination of 3 Equestrian disciplines, Cross Country, Eventing and Show Jumping Events and a 2 day Motor Cycle Endura and Fun event, was held on the Anchor Ridge farm, Mazabuka, Zambia, last weekend, 2nd and 3rd. The Endura pits, start / finish, re fueling station and the Horse Arena were in sight of each other, and no problems or conflicts were encountered.

Some competitors entered both disciplines, horse and bike events, which in itself is unusual,

The joint event was a huge success, and both disciplines catered for all age groups from 3 year olds upwards. Parents could watch their children on horses and bikes from a central position.

Full food and Bar facilities were available,

The motor cycle events consisted of a short flat circuit track for the very young, on a variety of small bikes both electric and engine powered [non competitive] and a top class 26 km endura track, built by Zambia Champion off road and Dakar biker, and Dakar finisher, David Reeve.

The Novice section had a slightly less technical but still difficult route, missing out some of the absolutely awesome sections, that only the very best could successfully navigate. Heavy rains previously made the river section particularly interesting and difficult.

Of interest is the increase in the number of Lady riders participating. This was very encouraging, and showed a marked increase of interest in "Women in Motorsport"

Full FIM Regulations were enforced, from serious technical scrutiny, environmental standards, and noise level testing [2m x dBa], protective clothing, helmet inspection, fuel oil and waste disposal facilities, and on course rider manners.


The classes catered for were :

  • FIM Endura: CACCR and SCCR
  • ZMSA Endura. Various classes B1 to B9 round 2

Junior fun events


A serious bike training program was available for any learners, youngsters and older members, conducted by David Reeve, which was very popular especially with the younger set.

This rider and safety training is considered a valuable aspect of biking in Zambia by the ZMSA

The whole theme, apart from the very serious endura events, was to promote off road motor cycling and motor cycling in general as a fun family sport, and indeed one entire family of 5, mother, daughter, grand children all entered the various classes of the endure event.

Excellent secure camping facilities were available.

The ZMSA are grateful for the facility being made available by the Coventry Dynasty of Mazabuka.


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