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Posted on May 9, 2014 at 2:55 AM


 Picture Caption:  Samir Sherman

If the rains continue, mastery of muddy conditions willbe key to winning races in the third round of the Kenya National MotocrossChampionship that will be run this Sunday at Solai race circuit in Nakurucommencing from 8.00 a.m.

As most motocross events in Kenya are held under dry anddusty conditions, wet and slippery surfaces will be an unusual test forchampionship contenders like Ivan Guya, Tutu Maina and Ethan Nyachae amongothers.

Riders who are able to cover the complete distance ofeach race without a spill will be at an advantage. The difficult conditionsfacing riders will present a treat for spectators who will watch hard chargingcompetitors ploughing through mud baths and pools of water. The championshipleaders will be slipping and sliding as they battle with their opponents tostay out in front.

Rift Valley Motor Sports & Club (RVM&SC) are theorganizers and Paul Bailey, Chairman of the motocross section of the Club isorganizing the event as well as being the Clerk of the Course. Paul quotes thathe is very happy the rains have come and are putting the final touches to thetrack which as usual will be highly challenging and technical. He would alsolike to personally thank Dex Wahome, Sari Sherman and especially MotorcycleCommission Chairman Maina Muturi for all the help with the event.

“It’s great to see the friendship by the MotorcycleCommission and also EAMSC members. We are requesting that the fans inNakuru turn out in large members to support the event. What is great aboutNakuru is that we have a fully equipped Clubhouse with drinks and food servedfrom the restaurant, a dining room, toilets, showers and camping facilities,”said Bailey. Practice is scheduled for Saturday afternoon. The event startsearly at eight o'clock on Sunday morning. All the top riders will be thereincluding the newly introduced veterans class currently being led by multipleKCB Safari Rally navigators’ winner Tim Jessop. Jessop who guided Carl “Flash”Tundo to the historic KCB Kiambu rally win in a Proton S2000 will be up againstthe likes of Patrick Garner (KTM), Mikhail Barman (KTM), Peter Young (KTM),David I.Njagi (KTM) and Moses Mugo (KTM) among others.

The 50cc leader Jet Takkunen (KTM) renews his rivalrywith Tyler Huth (KTM), Rafe Garner (KTM), Jaiden Takkunen (KTM), Mali Nyachae.

Ethan Nyachae, the defending MX 60 champion, is expectedto call the shots in his category but he will have to use every trick in thebook to eclipse the likes of Maina Wanjigi (KTM), Tai Wahome (KTM) and KigenKiplagat (KTM) in what will be an exhilarating podium dash. Ivan Guya (KTM) anddefending champion Tutu Maina (KAW) will be the riders to watch in MX1 class.Below are results for the last race meeting at Nairobi’s Jamhuri park track.



KENYA NATIONAL MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 2 -RESULTS(Sunday, March 9, 2014) MX 50 Jet Takkunen (KTM) 60.0 Tyler Huth (KTM) 51.0Rafe Garner (KTM) 45.0 Jaiden Takkunen (KTM) 35.0 Mali Nyachae (KTM) 31.0 NeoWahome (KTM) 28.0 Lemayian Waiyaki (KTM) 26.0 Mwaura Gakuno (KTM) 25.0


MX 65

  • Ethan Nyachae (KTM) 60
  • Maina Wanjigi (KTM) 51.0
  • Tai Wahome (KTM) 43.0
  • Kigen Kiplagat (KTM) 41.0
  • Mutahi Dylan (KTM) 33.0
  • Chris Chege (KTM) 30.0
  • Dekker Kihara (KTM) 27.0
  • Zenni Mokaya (KTM) 23.0
  • James Luusa (KTM) 21.0
  • Alex Musyoka (KTM) 13.0
  • Nandi Kiplagat (KTM) 5.0


MX 85

  • Elias Sherman (KTM) 60.0
  • Rolf Kihara (KTM) 51.0
  • Orobia Malungu (YAM) 43.0
  • Elunga Malungu (YAM) 41.0
  • Mohamed Anwar YAM) 33.0
  • Alfred Musyoka KTM 29.0
  • Alex Moi (KTM) 26.0
  • Callum Hayes (KTM) 25.0
  • Lance Okeyo (KTM) 22.0


MX 125

  • Samir Anwar 60.0
  • Ngugi Waweru  51.0
  • Walter Kuria 39.0
  • Githuku Mungai  39.0
  • Andre Antoine  37.0
  • Saahir Darr  30.0
  • Kaamil Darr  28.0
  • Maxine Wahome  25.0


MX 2

  • Rohan Gandhi (KTM) 57.0
  • Apollo Mbuki (HON) 54.0
  • Charles Kinyangi (YAM) 45.0
  • Mwai Kibaki (YAM) 39.0
  • Muthandi Wanjigi (YAM) DNF


MX 2

  • Ivan Guya (KTM) 57.0
  • Tutu Maina (KAW) 54.0
  • Charles Mugo (HON) 45.0
  • Samir Sherman (KTM) 39.0
  • Isaac Kuria (YAM) 33.0
  • Andrew Kenneth (YAM) 20.0



  • Tim Jessop (KTM) 60.0
  • Patrick Garner (KTM) 49.0
  • Mikhail Barman (KTM) 47.0
  • Peter Young (KTM) 35.0
  • David I.Njagi (KTM) 33.0
  • Moses Mugo (KTM) 32.0
  • Mike Huth (KTM) 29.0


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