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Posted on February 7, 2014 at 7:20 AM


After the off-season lull, the stage is now set for an explosive start of “piki” racing with the opening round of the 2014 Kenya National Motocross Championship taking-off at Nairobi’s Jamhuri Park Racetrack on Sunday.

Throughout the day spectators will be kept in touch with racing and results by a public address system. Refreshments will be available at reasonable prices.

Prior to the race day, East African Motor Sports Club has organized a Prize Giving Ceremony for the 2013 season to be held at Pampas Churascco restaurant in Lavington, Nairobi on Saturday (from 1pm to 4pm) immediately after the EAMSC A.G.M. that will be held at the same venue  from 12pm to 1pm.

During the race day, MX 1, MX 2 and MX 125 classes will be the main crowd pullers with riders anticipated to roar round the challenging track in a series of power slides, jumps and tear away bursts of speed along the short straights.

The MX 50, MX 65 and MX 85 classes are expected to attract majority of competitors. The diminutive youngsters in these classes for small bikes will be cheered by fans while they ride with great determination.  Elias Sherman is expected to begin his MX85 defense in awesome fashion.

Rightly so, national motocross championship organized annually is set for some exciting changes in the various classes in 2014.

The most exciting moves are in the top classes, MX1 and MX2. With the likes of MX 2 champion Ivan Guya, his main rival Apollo Mbuki and MX125 champion Rohan Gandhi set to move up, the stage is set for explosive and cut-throat competition in 2014.

The final race of 2013 in the national motocross championship confirmed last year’s champions, with action proper in the top classes, where MX1, MX2 and MX125 riders competed together. It also gave a glimpse of just how much the competition may change in 2014 if some of the top riders move up the classes.

Outgoing MX2 champion Guya, Rohan Gandhi and his MX1 counterpart Tutu Maina were arguably the stars of the 2013 season, showcasing their impressive skill and desire to get better with each race. Guya is moving up the ranks from MX1 to the MX2 class.

The crop of riders in MX2 and MX125 have emerged as strong opponents even for established riders in MX1 as witnessed on the final race day. Tutu quipped: “These young guys are so good and so fast.”

 Gandhi, has also emerged as a top rider when the top classes are riding together, is also on the move to MX2.

In the lower classes, cousins Tai Wahome and Dylan Mutahi, who finished runner-up to champion Dekker Kihara in MX50, are on the move to MX65.Dekker is also moving up to the next level.

Amid the moves, there are also those riders who will continue to ride in the same classes come 2014. Elias  remains in MX85 and is determined to successfully defend his title.

Defending champion Ethan Nyachae will remain in MX65 for one more year. Also among riders in 2014 will be some new and relatively new faces. The Garner siblings Rafe and Kit Rees are expected to join MX50 class.

All in all, the 2014 season is set to be an exhilarating one and only time will tell how these moves will pan out for individual riders.



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