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Namibia Xtreme Enduro - Enduro taken to another level

Posted on June 25, 2013 at 1:20 PM



The first Namibia Xtreme Enduro , held on Saturday 22 June2013, 3.5 km on the Western side of the Western Bypass has been a great success.

30 riders participated in an extreme Enduro race, which was organised by Interpack in association with NMSF (Namibia Motorsport Federation) and the Namibian Enduro Club. The event was supported by Red Bull, and therefore entailed an extreme twist to it. The unforgiving 8km race track was kept secret by the organisers until the event day, which made it even tougher for riders to finish all 5 laps.

The amazing aspect of this sporting event was the fact that the venue was of such nature that 70% of the track could be followed by spectators, which is unusual for a regular Enduro race. Additionally the race started in a different way and was a complete surprise for all participants: All riders had to do a 100 metre dash to their bikes, then only ignite these and overcome a small obstacle course to start off the race.

Around 300 spectators enjoyed the day with refreshments and Braai being available under the Red Bull tents and Radiowave added great value towards this occasion by broadcasting live from the site.

14 riders finished the race whilst the winner Henner Rusch has conquered the track in an astonishing race time of 2 hours and 34 minutes, whereas 1rst runner up Ingo Waldschmidt arrived at the finish line after 3 hours and 6 minutes, followed by 2nd runner up Kai Hennes 2 minutes later.

Jacques Coetzer, CEO of Interpack emphasizes:  “ This type of Enduro was a very first for Namibia and we really hope that we can expand on this concept in 2014 with the support from Red Bull  and create an even more spectacular and spectator friendly aspect to it. We are ecstatic about the positive feedback we received from everybody after the event and I would like to thank all the riders and the Namibian Enduro Club for the great support.”



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