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World Environmental Day - 5 June

Posted on June 1, 2012 at 3:40 PM



All Groups within the Zambian Motor Sport Association are urged to celebrate World Environment Day, on the 5th June this year.

FIM theme for Environment Day is GREEN ECCONOMY: Does it include you?


Creating Environmental Awareness.

All of our Motor Sport activities, however insignificant, fall within the jurisdiction of either the FIA or the FIM, and the World Bodies that control Motor Sport have created special Commissions, to monitor Environmental issues, and have developed a Strategic Plan,  specifically to look into, guide and control Environmental these issues. An Environmental Impact Assessment is being prepared by the FIM on off road activities, to publicly show the rest of the world that motor sport take this issue very seriously.

All branches of Motor Sport are encouraged to celebrate this important day, with the aim of reducing our environmental footprint.

 These, as well as the relevant Environmental Codes, cover all the sensitive, and other Environmental issues, in particular, of exhaust sound and fume emissions from vehicles, dust creation, public address noise, and more specifically soil protection, from oil and fuel spillage, and engine cleaning detergents.

Particular care should always be practiced, both at meetings, and in the home and work environments, with regard to the latter, as pollution of the soil, leads to pollution of the waterways, and  is a particular danger to the Environment, affecting and endangering plant and animal life, and indeed, our very selves.



Each discipline should extend the controls and education of its members, by the training of Environmental Stewards, whose job is partially to create awareness among the participants of the importance of Environmental Issues.

One litre of oil spilt will destroy hundreds of times its weight of soil, together with the nutrients, and vegetation, and will eventually find its way into the water systems.

 It is the responsibility of each and every branch of Motor Sport in Zambia to abide by the regulations of the Commission, the Aims and Objectives which are available upon request.

How can we contribute towards the reduction of the footprint, and improve our image to the General Public, as well as the Authorities?.


These contributions may take many forms, but certainly ones that are in the Public Eye will contribute to the largest degree. These include:

Control of noise emissions. All Motor Cycle events have the machines tested for sound emission, by the MX 2 method, as laid down by the FIM, with an upper limit of 115 dBa, Those machines that exceed this may  not permitted to participate in the event.

Use of Environmental Mats, per laid down specifications, to prevent soil contamination by spillage of fuel and oils.

Dust Control at meetings, where possible, by watering the track prior to meetings.

Public Address System noise limits, of 84 dBa at 10 meters, are in effect, this sound can travel for many kilometres, and be a nuscience to local residents, who may well start anti motor sport activities, or lodge complaints with the local authorities.



Traffic Control, nothing annoys the public more than congestion on the roads leading to, or alongside the event.

Advertising Material by way of Billboards, posters etc should be removed immediately after the event.

Hygiene should be scrutinized at events, and efforts made to improve washing and toilet facilities, and foodstuff outlets monitored to ensure that food is produced and distributed under strict hygienic controls. Pure potable drinking water should be available.

Tree and shrub planting, and site beautification should be part and parcel of the Environmental protection issues.       

Efforts should be made to lobby the National and Local Environment Councils, and to make them aware of the measures being taken with regard to the protection of Environment, and the awareness of the importance of Environmental issues.. This gives the Authorities a means to counter complaints against the Sport, by the general public, or other activists. Associations should  keep them fully informed of activities at all times, and invite them to attend the meetings, as guests,  to witness for themselves first hand, efforts being made on such matters exhaust noise and traffic control, hygiene, dust control, and soil pollution. Ensure that they are well informed about all of our activities, forward them copies of event checklists, medical, safety and fire control measures, etc

We may not all be aware that there is strong worldwide a large lobby of anti Motor Sport Activists, who would dearly love to see the total banning of the activity within the sporting world. Large areas of rural Europe and the UK have already banned motorised vehicle activity, in favor of pedal cycles, walking; horse riding etc. and are threatening to increase the banning orders.


This lobby group will willingly seize and publicise any opportunity for  their objections to be voiced, citing actual incidences, in order to further their objectives. Noise being one of their favorite issues, and regrettably, we are frequently guilty on this issue, adding fuel to their fire.

The day is not far off when noise levels will be so heavily controlled that the sport may well be sentenced to death, if we do not control it.

There is a strong lobby advocating the introduction of e-Power, or electrically powered cars and bikes. Imagine a motor race, or motor cycle race run completely without any exhaust noise, at all.

 Lack of control of noise levels may eventually lead to this. There are already FIM recognised world championship events for this method of power, and bodies are promoting clean emission racing. We must recognise this threat.

There are many new entries into the e-Power range of vehicles.

The FIM has recently conducted tests into Bio Fuels, and contend that they do not out perform fossil fuels with regard to greenhouse emissions. Why then destroy the forests and wetlands to grow Bio fuel crops??




Ginty Melvill

ZMSA Environmental Delegate


05 06 12



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